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Ip system®
IP System®
IP System®
IP System®
IP System®
IP System®
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IP System®
IP54 plug-in lighting system
IP System is an innovative way of illumination. It is an IP54 rated system composed by a silicone rod (general lighting) and a number of additional luminaires (spot light for accent lighting, downlights and pendant for wider beam effects). The additional luminaires are connected to the rod throught an innovative plug-in electrical and mechanical connection, which guarantees a high protection level on all products. IP System can be used in any environment, from typical outdoor application (gazebos and pergolas) to indoor humid ambients (wellness, spa and wineries). Its elegant design both in surface mounted version or recessed, leads IP System to be perfectly used also in normal indoor application even where the IP rating is not required. IP System has two 24V independent electrical circuits: one dedicated to supply the silicone rod and the other one dedicated to supply all the additional plug-in luminaires. It requires two remote dimmable drivers to manage the light.
Primary profile fixture
Additional plug-in fixture
The overall consumption of the plug-in fixtures on each Highlighter Rod (regardless of its length 1, 2, 3 or 4m must not exceed 60W.
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