Technical data
Signal converter Input DALI Output PHASE CUT
Art. S.2491
Monochannel Dimmers with Output phase cut. - Input Range: 80-230V AC 50/60Hz. - Max resistive load 1A. *For Electronic and/or LED Electronic loads consider the maximum half power compared to the nominal value. Example: 220V AC 110W Max. Do not connect inductive loads. Do not connect UPS with output different from Pure Sine Wave. - The device is not equipped with earth connection Protection against accidental contact with live parts is garantied by the enclosure. - Cross-section of conductors 14-22 AWG (0.205-2.08 mmq). - Input Controls: DALI x1. - Printed Circuit UL. - Protection Class: IP20. - Standard Dimension 40x80x24.45 mm. - Dimension with accessories 40x100x24.45 mm. - Surge voltage protection. - Over current protection. - Use only in dry conditions IP20 Dimensions 40mm x 80mm x 24mm
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