Technical data
Art. S.2451
- Adopts capacitive touch control technology on the full color wheel, make LED color selection more user-friendly. - Adopt wireless RF and wired DMX512 protocol 2 in 1 control mode, more flexible and convenient for project installation. - Advanced RF wireless sync/zone control technology, make sure dynamic color modes synchronously among multiple Ebox converter boxes. - Four zones can be combined arbitrarily, for example: zone 1 and zone 2 as a group, or zone 1, zone 3, zone 4 as a group, or all the 4 zones as a group. - Support multiply panels linkage control, no quantity limitation. - Touch keys with chord and LED indicator. - Compatible with the RGBW REMOTE CONTROL (S.2450) and/or APP control through the GATEWAY WIFI -106 box (S.2465) and/or with the EBOX CONVERTER (S.2460). - In wireless connection the device comunicates with any RF device within effective distance (30 meters in open space). - No limit the quantity of signal Ebox converter boxes in each zone, and all color modes keep synchronously. In case of wireless connection and as any other WIFI product, should not be placed in a metal enclosure or next to large metal structure. Metal will effectively block all radio signals which are crucial to the operation of the product.
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