SIMES @ SPACE&INTERIORS, 17-21 April, Milan

Mars will be the closest of all far-away Planets

A unique and immersive experience on the red planet

Materials, solutions, innovations for the design of tomorrow. space&interiors proposes a constructive challenge: to explore the future of dwelling and the new place where mankind will move to in 100 years, Mars, the Red Planet. An immersive environment with a flowing path along which products and companies interact with the visitor within an intentionally created free pattern that will be featuring elements set within the context of future dwelling as well as promotion of products and industry in-depths and that will be fostering contacts between participating companies and visitors. Video projections, relaxation areas and virtual reality spaces will greatly enhance the visitors’ experience. The concept of space&interiors has been designed by Stefano Boeri Architects, who has been recently appointed to imagine a new Shanghai on Mars in 2117.


SIMES meets the challenge and presents "The Structural Light” collection

For the first time on the Italian market Simes introduces the new collection "The Structural Light", a series of innovative solutions for outdoor lighting that maximizes the aesthetic integration between light and architecture. Ghost and Brick Light essentially shape this concept. The Ghost range originates from a simple but revolutionary idea that thanks to a careful engineering became an industrial product: to create out-and-out luminous cavities inside the material and to conceal the lighting body as to make the light the only and unique player in the architecture. Brick light makes light becoming a structural element and through the shape of the brick it acquires its own materiality to define and to increase the value of the volumes of the architecture.


The Mall, an exhibition space in the heart of contemporary Milan

The venue for space&interiors is The Mall, a space situated in the Innovation Design District, a recently renovated area between Milan’s Porta Nuova and Porta Volta neighbourhoods that is a symbol of the city’s architectural and design excellence. The mall is a hypogeum space close to the “vertical forest” and Gae Aulenti square, the new city lounge and gateway to Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi.

The Mall - Porta Nuova
Lina Bo Bardi square
Alvar Alto square



From Tuesday 17th to Saturday 21th April during the 2018 Design Week from 14.30 to 21.30

Every day debates and talks will involve important personalities from the world of architecture, science and culture: an interesting dialogue between designers that are developing alternative housing solutions and professionals involved in the simulation of future missions to Mars. Here the Talks Program. Every evening from 19.30 aperitif and space music.

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