Pivot, flexibility and technique in an ultra-slim body
Pivot is a fully adjustable non-conventional spotlight for outdoors, conceived to direct its beam at any point in the space. With its long and thin design, Pivot is the right instrument at the service of the scene to be enlightened.
Maximum freedom of expression
Pivot spotlight assumes infinite positions. Nimble and elegant in its proportions, the lighting body blends with the scene expressing maximum freedom within the project.
Movement in every direction
The perfect light for every scene
Maximum flexibility is also expressed through different lighting beams. With a single product, combined with simple optional filters, you can get a narrow beam for remote pointing, a wide beam for large subjects, and an elliptical beam perfect for vertical elements.
With simplicity, in any context
Perfect for ground installation, with or without stake, and suitable both for pole and wall fixing, the versatile spotlight is conceived to easily suit every scene.
Light turns in emotion
Pivot enhances the subject of your project and turns it into a real “piece of art”.
Style variations
The Pivot flexibility is also expressed in the freedom to choose between two aesthetic and functional variants: with a base integrating the 230V power supply (7 or 12 LEDs) or without base for remote power supply connections (4, 7 or 12 LEDs).