Novelties 2022

IP System™, the first IP65 dual-power linear light system
(patent pending)

The plug-in in humid environments is now possible.
IP System is composed of a light rod that, besides being a stand-alone lighting fixture for diffuse lighting, it can also host and power at any point one or more additional lights IP65.


Discover all the features of this revolutionary lighting system that per the way to new design scenarios in outdoor lighting.

The most recent innovations that have become part of the Simes portfolio


An ultra slim spotlight, fully adjustable to illuminate the scene with an extremely flexible approach.


Great performances and elegance in an urban minimal element.

Flower and Flower Zoom

Tiltable Microprojector.


Outdoor decorative collection.

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The most complete tool to explore the entire Simes portfolio to illuminate the outdoor.

Pivot, the new multi-adjustable projector

News 2021

Flexibility and technique in an ultra slim body

Pivot is a totally adjustable unconventional projector, conceived to direct its beam to any point of the three-dimensional space. With its linear and thin shape, Pivot enhances the scene with pleasant light, totally blending with surroundings.

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Case History

Lines of light to enhance the horizontal run of the façade

How to enlight an ancient church

SIMES turns on the light up the greatest European aquarium

Latest from the blog


Exterior step light to light up paths

LED Step lights are lighting fixtures designed to illuminate walkways, markers for footpaths  allowing people to pass safely.


Recessed Nano-Spots for outdoor lighting

Little recessed spots can give a suitable and discreet lighting solution that combine the more functional aspects of light with specific aesthetic qualities.


Accent light effects for drawing scenes

The "blades of light" of SIMES are extremely defined linear light beams, with a very precise beginning and end, obtained using special radial lens.