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Très jolie bollard
Très jolie bollard
Très jolie bollard
Très jolie bollard
Très jolie is a complete range that includes a small bollard a wall applique and as a free standing table lamp, available in two different versions: 230V or free standing battery charged. With a balanced and elegant design, Très jolie has been developed for the living quarters and residential outdoor areas enhancing and blending into the surrounding architecture and landscape. Superior visual comfort has been obtained through its simplistic forms: its specific tapered stem catches the light, creating soft luminous nuances. The free standing table version is a cordless solution that responds to temporary lighting requirements especially in those cases where there is a lack of direct power supply. It also provides a tunable white solution from 3000K to a warmer 2200K.
This family is also available as model wall mounted.
This family is also available as model rechargeable table lamp.
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